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10 Favorite Hidden Gem Restaurants in Metro Phoenix

ALLISON YOUNG | MAY 23, 2016  

Thanks to all of the strip malls and undercover pockets of cool, the Valley harbors plenty of covert, about-to-happen eateries. Sure, Welcome Diner and Dick’s Hideaway are already out of the bag. But we thought it was time to expose the next round of restaurants on the verge of becoming household names.

Dig in and brag to all your friends that you found them.

Cha Da Thai

Cha Da Thai is located in a quiet strip mall in North Scottsdale, but inside you'll find loud purple walls, folded napkins, gold slip-covered chairs, and a seven-page Thai menu as colorful and garish as the décor (and we mean that in the best way possible). Dive into a bowl of Thai boat noodle soup, or kuay teow rhua, a kissing cousin of Vietnamese pho that’s just as fragrant and comforting, or dig into the Cha Da Twister, a symphony of fried prawns wrapped in egg noodles in a bath of green curry. Even the avocado tempura, an off-menu item that’s a staff fave, will have you erupting in sighs of delight. This place is the real deal.

Pro tip: Try the Thai boat noodle soup.